Saturday, 7 July 2012

Holland Exchange 2012


Just got back from 4 most wonderful days of my life in Holland. I had a great time visiting my pen pal and doing my science field work.Me and my school set of from AGS at 2pm on 1st July 2012 too Hull, this was too catch the overnight ferry to the europort near Rotterdam in The Netherlands (Holland). We arrived at CSG De Willem van Oranje an hour late, so we had too rush off the meet the mayor of Oud-Beijerland this was the area we were staying in. That afternoon we meet our pen pals family and had a tour of their homes.

Later we went too a BBQ with some friends of Corno (my pen pal). During the BBQ we played football and card games. We all really enjoyed our selfs. I can't believe I burned on the first day!
The Holland (Netherlands) Flag
The next day (Tuesday) the six formers when of too a local beach so we could start our field work. That night I had diner at our host families home. I had spaghetti bolognese and strawberries, it was wonderful.

The day after (Wednesday) that we went too a near by island too carry on with our science field work. The wether was great sun shining all day, with scorching hot temperatures. When we arrived back to CSG De Willem van Oranje, the school had planned our diners for us. We went up the the staff room and they brought over three bottles of drinks (Coke, Fanta and Still Water) and we sat down to relax. They had ordered over 15 pizzas for use all and  they had made a massive bowl of chips. 
After we finished our diner we had a choice too go shopping or stay at school. So I stayed and played some card games with some friends. 

On the Thursday we said our good byes too our host families and pen pals and made our way back too the europort near Rotterdam. First we stopped at a town named delfed. We stop for 1 hour 45 minutes, which was enough time too look at all the market stalls. We then when on to Rotterdam city Center to do some shopping. Some did shopping for 4 hours or we could do a harbor for 1 hour 30 minutes and then do some shopping for about 2 hours. Thats what I did and the harbor cruise was amazing too see all of the ships in port. We then went too the europort too board the ferry.

When we arrived back in Hull (England) on the Friday, we all was looking forward to get home. It took ages to get of the ferry because the port staff broke the gang plank so we had to disembark through the cargo bay.

This was the first day of the science field work. We were on the beach in Holland.
Six Form Science and Geography Field work Trippers that went too Holland

Back Row (Left to Right) - Nathaniel, Frankie-Jayne [Me], Shannon, Tasha, Katie, Sam, Sarah, Nellie, Meg, Zoe and James
Front Row (Left to Right) - Melissa, Jess, Florence and Kate

The last day of the trip saying our good byes!
Elisa and Me
Corno and Me
The food was amazing and everyone made us feel so welcome! Can't wait too see if I can go back, it was one of the best experiences of my life!

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